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About Love and A Hurting Heart
After being tired of seeing so much despair in the lives of others, Love and A Hurting Heart was founded in 2011. A revelation given to me by God gave me insight on the hurt and pain we carry with us every day caused by disappointments in our lives. Love and A Hurting Heart speaks to families as well as individuals to ensure them that they are fearfully and wonderfully created.

As founder of Love and A Heart my main goal is the totalization of human beings including mind, body, and soul. What sets us apart from all other comforting services is the fact that I do not have a Ph.D, M.S., or B.S from a higher learning institution. What I do have is a Ph.D in heartbreak, a M.S. in dealing with disappointments, and a B.S in understanding. Most of all, I come with a seal of approval from the creator of all people. 

Love and A Hurting Heart is family-owned and operated right here in Franklin La. by Rev. Gary and Cathy Eave. Since the company opened its doors in 2011, we have treated every client as if they were family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are unparalleled and come with a heavenly touch.